Many newcomers try to scrape by on bad headshots...

A good headshot is rarely the product of a TFP shoot or a

"really good amateur with a nice camera."

PLEASE UNDERSTAND:    It is REQUIRED that you have a professional photograph

to be a part of our agency if you are over the age of 5.

All photographers are NOT created equally.  Headshot photographers

are not the same as fashion photographers or wedding photographers...

and they are certainly NOT found in malls.

If you are new, I will try to cut you some slack for a MONTH OR TWO

if you have "decent" photos, but if you are not getting into the auditions,

you really need to think long and hard about the money you think you are "saving"

by trying to pass off your photos as "headshots."

Your headshots are the ONLY thing that casting directors see on the first round.

Are they opening doors for you or are they holding you back?

 A few of the southeastern photographers we recommend:

Megan Dougherty

Tracy Page

Ira Carmichael www.IraCarmichaelPhotography.Com

Anthony Paderewski.
Kelsey Edwards:
First City Films (Savannah)
D Boyd Photography (ATL)  Dwayne Boyd
Magen Portanova, 
(Charlotte, NC)
Ted Westby Atlanta area
Paul Amodio
Barb Jones
(Nashville Area)
Teryl Jackson Photography

In general, if a photographer doesn't even have a headshot gallery,

I would assume that he/she doesn't really specialize in headshots!

Head shots​ are an actor's most important tool!

Head Shots


Head Shots are REQUIRED

for talent over

the age of 5.